Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Raymond Antrobus - Poet, Performer, Writer, Photographer - Brief Bio

Raymond Antrobus is a performer, poet, recording artist and photographer hailing from East London, Hackney.

Performing under the alias ‘Educated Fool’ Raymond won the International Farrago Slam championship in October 2008. Throughout 2008 Raymond quickly gained his reputation as a top spoken word act on the poetry circuit, performing at ‘Niall O’Sullivan’s’ poetry book launch (Ventriloquism For Monkeys), ranking second in the Grand Farrago London Slam, performing as a special guest poet at open mic and slam events in Paris, Berlin and at The Secret Garden Festival in Cambridgeshire, ranking third in the Warwick University Poetry Slam and being featured at popular poetry nights such as Farrago, Rum Punch and Poetry Unplugged. He also appeared at a slam in Italy, Venice.

Raymond also has a project with underground Dub-Step producer ‘Hit By A Rock’ (Jim Whelm) whom had seen Raymond perform as ‘Educated Fool’ and had been impressed enough to propose a recording project now called ‘Speed Camera Shy’



Recordings of Raymond’s early performances can be viewed on his youtube page


Join Raymond's artist page on facebook to read more poems and view his photography.



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  5. Yes Ray,

    Liam here, things look to be going well for you... Good stuff man...

    I might make it down to Nuvo tonight, no promises though, quite busy...

    I'm workin' on a new site, promoting creative talent, I've got speed camera shy down already for you as a musician, but I would also like to ad you to the Photographers roster... Could you send me a link to your flickr and any other photo albums you have for your portfolio. Also a good profile picture to use for you...

    (The Wedding was heavy man...Married life is deep bro, deep...)

    Catch up soon man,

    God bless